COVID-19 UPDATE: We are currently open for business and accepting all online orders. Due to the pandemic we are shipping out orders every Friday. Please be patient it’s worth the wait. We appreciate your ongoing support, without you we couldn’t do what we do. Stay home and stay safe. But if you can play golf, do it...... ❤️


We love small unique brands.

As an apparel designer for 20 years I have always had a fascination for brands. I've worked for some of the worlds largest. My goal has always been to have a place where you have access to exclusive, fun and exciting brands in the golf industry. The relationships I have built have given us access to exclusive collections/designs that you wont get anywhere else. Our network within golf spans more than just Oregon, we are connected in the UK, Japan and Austrailia.

As an avid golfer playing from the age of 11, I love everything about the game apart from the elitism that comes with certain clubs or organizations.

At Origin Golf we are all about having fun, being relaxed and doing what you love to do!!!!! We surround ourselves with good people and that's why 'Everything is cooler out of Oregon'.



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